If for any reason you do not absolutely love your selections we will gladly offer you:

  • issue a 100% refund for the value of the merchandise
  • or exchange your item for the new one
  • or replace your instrument to another one, which will correspond to your expectations in quality
  • The return is available within 30 days of purchase
  • All purchases returned within 30-60 days after shipment are subject to 10% restocking charge
  • No returns are accepted after 60 days

Please note:

  • Make sure the items are in their original undamaged condition
  • Sterile and disposable products, instruments damaged beyond repair, special orders, discontinued and sale items are not subject to returns
  • Original shipping and handling fees are not refundable

If your instruments (the items of other manufacturers are welcome as well) are damaged we will gladly offer you:

  • repair service

Repair price list

Please note:

  • Our experts should ensure, that the damaged items are service due, so please fill out the RGA form to accelerate the checking procedure.
  • The instruments should be sterilized before shipping back
  • During the repair process the price of service can be changed and\or the instrument can be beyond the repair
  • marking\engraving, remarking and coloring service